Coaching & Mentoring

The Coaching and Mentoring Service summarised

Coaching focuses on achieving specific objectives, usually within a preferred time period.
Mentoring follows an open and evolving agenda and deals with a range of issues.

Aspiring CFO’s benefit in several ways

  • independent, trusted advice on key business and leadership challenges
  • a wealth of external perspectives, knowledge and ideas
  • practical and personal career guidance
  • enhanced confidence level to tackle multiple priorities
  • focus on rational, clear thinking
  • support in transitioning into a new role or career challenge
  • developing a strategic understanding of business issues
  • being challenged on their thinking from a board level perspective
  • broader understanding of boardroom dynamics
  • building relationships at board level
  • an impartial sounding board for ideas

To sum up, we provide robust challenges around key issues and priorities, advice on team dynamics and leadership style. We also help identify needs and suggest practical actions, often working on a five or seven year plan to identify goals, experience gaps and suggest ways they might be filled.

Initial Consultation

We would ask you to provide your CV and development objectives in advance. This would enable us to have a more focussed and purposeful initial discussion. The consultation would follow a stringent matching process to ensure a good fit in terms of chemistry, experience and development needs.

Time Commitment

Each session typically lasts 90 minutes booked directly between the mentor/coach and the delegate. Typically delegates use 8–10 sessions over a year.

Sessions can be carried out over telephone, or by email or by scheduling regular face-to-face meetings.

To get the most out of our mentor & coaching service, prepare for the sessions and follow up on them.
Before we meet, think about what you want to get out of the session, and afterwards reflect on how you can use any insights.

Importantly, you’ll only benefit from using our mentor & coaching service if you’re open to being challenged about what you do, and are willing to respond to criticism.

If you would like further information regarding this service, please get in touch with GGV via the Contact Us page.