London Capital Group plc

Chief Financial Officer (2006-2009)

London Capital Group is one of UK’s rapidly expanding leading financial services companies specialising in online trading services for private, professional and institutional customers.Turnover £30m.


As the Group’s first CFO, remit was necessarily broad and engaging. Involved working closely with CEO to shape business and finance activities for controlled growth. Market capitalisation increased from £54m in 2006 to £95m in 2008 and dividends from 1.7p to 11p per share.

Strategy: Work with CEO to formulate Group strategy supported by realistic plans, budgets and profit targets.

Dividends: Develop policy to pay dividends out of recurring profits which reflect earnings, cash flow and potential of the Group.

Group Reporting: Present results to analysts, investors and stakeholders. Develop management information for planning and decision making.

Acquisition: Cross border acquisition of company in distressed state.

Treasury and Risk Management: Forge bank relationships. Diversify counterparty risk. Formulate/embed risk policy and framework.

Governance and Compliance: Enhance executive board’s remit and activities. Plan for the FSA regulatory “ARROW” Reviews. Meet with the FSA to explain newly formulated ICAAP. Refine/administer share option schemes. Compliance with AIM market rules.